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  6. Lilette - Maison De La Gourmandise

    I’m being motivated to share a review for Lilette - Maison De La Gourmandise. A new pastry shop just newly opened five days ago. There are a lot of nice cafes surrounding my workplace but non of them got my attention yet.

    It has been a long week for me. Overworked. Exhausted. Hence, I’m craving for dessert to reward myself. Hah.

    Thanks to Lilette. It has satisfied my sweet craving. Not only that, I just feel good when chatting with Christie (owner of the shop).

    What she said really got my attention:

    "Our core value is to use as much local Victorian produce or Fair Trade. We will only use & source the finest, best quality ingredients we can for our guests cause that’s the only thing I would feed my daughter “Lilette”. “


    Raspberry macaron - taste like a bomb! I mean fresh,crunchy, and just awesome! To be honest, I think the texture taste better than Luxbite, La Bell Miette.  It’s really surprised me. You must have a try and let me know what do you think! Trust me.



    Crème brûlée - something that is really unforgettable once I had it. Lilette - you has set a high level for me to look for a good one on next time. This is my first time had creme brulee. Maybe not. It just that I never tasted the one that I would remember. Served with biscotti which is twice-based cookies/biscuits originating in the Italian city of Prato.


    Caramelized sugar on top of the custard - perfect.

    Biscotti - I’m not a fan of biscuit but i do like this. Very fragrance.

    It’s also great because it wasn’t overly sweet, compare to other desserts and I finished the whole thing by myself!
    Homemade marshmallow - It’s really surprised me because it doesn’t taste that sweet. No preservatives or artificial flavouring. Me like!

    Enough said. I’ll definitely back again to try something else and absolutely back for macaron and creme brulee.

    273 Glenferrie Rd,
    Malvern, 3144 Vic.
    03-9059 4965

  7. I’m loving the rain in this morning. Went to office for a meeting and I’m not complaining about work on Sunday. In fact, I feel grateful that I’m actually learning something new. Back home and made breakfast. Sitting on the couch and continue to read the chapters. Two hours later, did facial and watched drama. Took a nap. Woke up for lunch and continue reading this book.

    It may sounds boring to you but I feel peace today. I always tend to feel uneasy and mind occupied with something else. Anyway, feel mission accomplish that I’ve finally finished reading this book - Eat Pray Love ! Ashamed to know that I have been on and off when I was reading this book. It took years for me to complete this.

    Quote today:

     ”Smile with face, smile with mind and good energy will come to you and clean way dirty energy”
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